What Is a Gangstaroo?

A Gangstaroo is a creative and unique take on our favorite animal, the Kangaroo, an animal currently unrepresented in the NFT space. By owning a Gangstaroo you are eligible to participate in the official ‘Kang Fight’ which is an NFT game with a grand prize of 15 Ethereum. ( Approximately $50,000 ) With over 150 unique different assets, every Gangstaroo is a unique 1 of 1 design in the collection of 3,333 Gangstaroos. Once all 3,333 Gangstaroos have sold out, the ‘Kang Fight’ will begin and we will kick off our First Season lasting 30 days. Every Gangstaroo you own is another chance at winning 15 Ethereum and being king of Kang-land.

What is the Kang Fight?

Unlike most NFT collections, Gangstaroos are more than just a jpeg. Each Gangstaroo gives you an opportunity to participate in a first of its kind NFT play to earn game. The ‘Kang Fight’ is a never before seen game where every day a certain number of Gangstaroos die off until there is one winning NFT remaining.

Days 1 - 30: 111 Gangstaroos die every day.

Day 31: 1 Gangstaroo dies.

Day 32: 1 Gangstaroo dies and the winning Gangstaroo is announced.

Anyone who purchases and owns a Gangstaroo will continue to own their NFT, but it will be grayed out on the official Gangstaroo website if it has been eliminated. The holder of the last NFT remaining will win the grand prize of 15 ETH which translates to roughly $50,000! Once we have crowned a winner, the details of Season Two and it’s grand prize will be announced! If your Gangstaroo is a part of the winning Gangstaroo’s gang… we also have a special prize in store for all gang members.